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Sacred Sites, Manifestations & Energy Work

SouthEast Asia journey Purpose and the Shift of Power on the Planet

Each journey we take has a different purpose – different energy patterns to clear, integrate and activate. Since 2012, we have been guided to work with different energies and activate and recalibrate Stargates, sacred sites, and traumatized places from wars, executions and other “heavy” experiences for different reasons. This South East Asia journey is no …

Roundabout in Koh Kong, Cambodia
World Wide Destinations

5 tips for a good border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia

​When you search about what to consider when using the HatLek/ChamYeam bordercrossing, going from Thailand into Cambodia there are some horror stories out there for sure. We did our research before – always to be recommended – and had a good experience. Maybe we were lucky, but nothing strange happened. So what do you need …