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The 666 myth and how we can use it to transform the world!

The New Earth is here with New Beginnings. How do we know?

Each year when the Northern Hemisphere move into Spring and Easter, we have the opportunity to plant our new seeds of what we want to harvest and manifest in our reality. We are given the gift of taking an honest look at where we are at, where we are not aligned and where we want to move towards in life.

The Easter of 2019 was so much larger than that – this was the year of the New Earth being integrated into our reality at a whole new level… I literally heard the Bang from the starting gun going off the day of resurrection. We have taken off on a new journey, and our lives will never be the same again.

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SouthEast Asia journey Purpose and the Shift of Power on the Planet

Each journey we take has a different purpose – different energy patterns to clear, integrate and activate.

Since 2012, we have been guided to work with different energies and activate and recalibrate Stargates, sacred sites, and traumatized places from wars, executions and other “heavy” experiences for different reasons.

This South East Asia journey is no different. The purpose of it is…

Energy work in France

Stargate 12 Activation in France

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Why we do what we do – What is your why?

One of the main challenges for us when we travel is to how to communicate the deeper understanding and experiences we have on our journeys.

Another aspect of that communication is to be brave enough to say it out loud to the world.

The most sacred about who I am – am I courageous enough to speak it out loud?

It is so easy to go to science and facts – feeding our left hemisphere of the brain.

It is safer.

We do not have to be personal.

We don’t have to be vulnerable and a target for judgments.

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Pura Vida Costa Rica – how I manifested my vision

​This is an edited excerpt from the book "Goodness, Grace & Great Thought on Fire - how to embrace the 7 billion shades of You" by Susana Mei Silverhøj. The chaper called: Ask and you Shall Receive.

In April 2014, my family and I left Denmark to follow our dream and move to Costa Rica—to live in paradise, a life of Pura Vida.

People keep asking: Why Costa Rica? I wish I knew the whole bigger picture of the divine grace of life so that I could give you an answer. But for now, let´s start from the beginning, and maybe one day I´ll be able to answer. However, this is what I do know:

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Lourdes: An energetic perspective on a Christian healing shrine

Miracles happen all around the world. Question is why they happen in Lourdes? This small French town is one of Europe’s most powerful healing shrines and one of the worlds most-visited of all Christian pilgrimage sites. How can this be correlated to the Mayan prophecy? ​

Miraculous cures have been associated with Lourdes since a young servant girl named Bernadette Soubirous claimed to see radiant visions of Virgin Mary in 1858. There have been 70 miraculous cures of incurable diseases officially documented by the Roman Catholic Church’s Medical Bureau.

The unofficial numbers of miraculous cures and healings are much greater – at least 7000. Today, more than 5 million pilgrims visit every year to be healed. 

What happened in 1858?

How can the miracles happen? 

And how can these healings be explained?

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