​Our Mission

At Conscious Travel Family our Mission is to inspire you to live your life to the fullest – a Meaningful, Holistic and Passionate life – making a difference in the world by being you.

We do that by sharing stories from our Conscious Travel Experiences and Everyday life as a Heart-centered Family of 5 – living our dream of contributing to the world through Healthy choices, Greener living and Energy work.

We love Soulful Journeys, to visit Sacred Sites and Historical Locations to Reactivate and Raise the Frequencies on the planet. Whatever we can do to support the world to transform and Thrive – we are in!

We have our base in Denmark and travel with flow – everything from short Daytrips to Yearlong expat living.

We do our best to help our 3 children to grow up Free, Compassionate, Happy and Empowered. World schooling and working from our ​Laptops with what we love supports that.

About Susanna

Susanna, House of Silverhøj

Susanna is a Multi-passionate Life Designer; Visionary, Futurist, Intuitive Energy Seer & Oracle, Transformational Author & Speaker, Energy Master & Mentor.

Her mission is to raise the level of Consciousness & Love on our planet through Transformations, Reactivations and Unleashing of our Unique Genius & Superpowers hiding within us all. She is also a huge Nerd, who loves to dive deep into scientific research, quantum fields, galactic realities and meaning of life. For her, life is about Freedom which comes from Bending Reality to a Dream Life others believe is Impossible.

Susanna creates Global Tailored bootcamps, workshops, retreats, and events, mentoring, guiding, teaching and reactivating unique genius codes online and live.  All around Energy Mastery, Life Design, Life Intelligence Education, and Divine Feminine Leadership.

She is the author of Flow Food & Goodness, Grace and Great Thoughts on Fire and co-author of From Money with Love, No Mistakes, Time to Rise, Famna Feminint Ledarskap and Holy F*ck & Sacred Water.

With two master degrees – one in psychology and one in education with professional orientation (leadership) from Sweden – she has a solid academic background. Her career includes being an associate professor at Nutrition and Health in Denmark, a hotel manager in Costa Rica, actress in New York, Heart IQ coach, high-performance and Art of Feminine Presence teacher, and superhero.

​About Oliver

Oliver Silverhøj behind his sunglasses

Oliver is passionate about finding ways to support humanity in raising consciousness. He ​comes from a predominantly mentally focused background ​to then embody the wisdom of the spirit, heart and physical body. Of course this is an ongoing process and learning curve; and for Oliver it is in the close relations that he is being mirrored and supported in this.

At age 22 Oliver graduated from the ​Chemical Engineering Academy. ​The beaten track of a regular career was quickly abandoned and he started a quest to be complete with his childhood dreams: Acting, travelling, and scuba diving. Later he took​ a degree in ​Environmental Management.

He has owned a Hotel Business in Costa Rica, worked as a Green Guide and Career Consultant in Denmark,  been a Leadership Entreprenuer in Sweden, and Chemical Engineer in Australia.

Oliver is the co-creator of a ​Global Empowerment Training in Compassionate Leadership and in The Sacred Union. He is actively working with creating and developing ​High Frequency Drinking Water.