Each journey we take has a different purpose – different energy patterns to clear, integrate and activate.

Since 2012, we have been guided to work with different energies and activate and recalibrate Stargates, sacred sites, and traumatized places from wars, executions and other “heavy” experiences for different reasons.

This South East Asia journey is no different. The purpose of it is…

Energy work in France

Stargate 12 Activation in France

​Previous Journeys

Going back to the beginning with a short summary of some of the most profound and life changing journeys we have experienced:

For instance, in May 2015, we went to activate Stargate 3, working from Bahamas, where the focus was on healing wounds from Atlantis, activate the Aurora gate and the sacred union between the masculine and feminine etc. (there were 9 different activations).

We were in the Bahamas for 33 days – 11 days on 3 islands, which turned out to be in a triangle within the Bermuda Triangle. Three activations on each island. Everywhere we went we were guided by the 3, 33 and 333 or 11´s.

This was our first experience of this kind that changed our lives forever. Nothing was the same after that. How can you go back to see the world with limited eyes when they were blown open in so many ways? The simple answer is, you cannot. You can never go back – only forward.

In June 2016 we were guided to go to Stargate 12 in southern France. Again 3 different locations for activations, but this time staying in the center of the vortex/Stargate for 5 days. The main energies were all about the sacred union – the hieros gamos – from the Magdalene and Christ energies. It was a journey with only Oliver and I, celebrating our copper anniversary. Again, life changing experience.   

From February to June of 2017, we travelled around in Southern Europe, where the 666 seals were opened, the valley of the fallen outside Madrid was healed, old energies cleared in Rome, The Prague etc.

Again, new level of awareness and insights. And with every time it got easier to read the signs and energies and to grasp what the heck we were doing. 

In June 2018, it was time for Stargate 11 in Southern England – visiting Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avalon – which of course lay in a triangle. Three activation points once again. This time I went with my soul sisters, since the focus was about healing the wounded masculine with the feminine hearts.

So much happened during all these journeys that it could be a whole book in itself.

Often, when I can sense the energies and knowing that we need to go somewhere I will get a sense of what we are going for. This time, on our South Asia Journey, it has taken us several months to understand what we are doing – or rather WHY we are here – what the higher purpose is. Finally, it has become clear. The bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are slowly coming together.

And it will affect your life as well. Change is coming to our planet – that is for sure.

I will try to put words to the pieces of the puzzle.

Energy work with soul sisters at the Tor, Glastonbury, England

​Connecting All

In our perception, peace of mind and on the planet comes from experiencing connection with all (oneness). Or, respect and love for everyone and everything. That is simple but not an easy thing to live by…

Fear, war, hatred, pollution and environmental destruction come from a sense of separation and lack. A separation, that starts from within, and is reflected out in our external reality. We feel different from others. It is due to our disconnected DNA these distortions are at play. When reactivating our DNA the distorted programs are shifting and we start to feel more whole and connected both within and without ourselves. 

Many people feel humans are “better” than the animals. We don’t experience nature as a living being. For us, everything and everyone have a spirit – a life force – that we want to honor.

Travelling around the world having our children meet people from all cultures, religions and colors creates a connection. Travelling the world experiencing our beautiful nature also creates connection for us.

How could any being want to go to war with a friend from another part of the world? How could they want to destroy our planet when they first hand have connected with it?

Our children are our future. Our children are the future of the planet. If we want to survive, thrive and experience a new Earth, we have the responsibility to be role models for our children and show them what their responsibilities are in the future. We have messed up as humanity. It is time to make it right.

By Connecting people.

Connecting all…

Magical forrest in Avebury

​Power of War

Throughout history of man there have been wars and power struggles. Power OVER other beings and things. Never has it been about Empowerment and Co-creation for the wellbeing of all. It has always been a win-loose approach to life, where someone wins over others. Not a win-win.

The latest timeperiod on earth has been of patriarchic domination. It has used “power over” and “top-down” as it loyal means as long as we have documented our history. It has distorted our relations between sexes, between cultures, religions and humans, as well as how we relate to animals, plants and planets.

In the history of Asia there is no difference. War after war to gain more land and power over resources. Killing each other to get the power over those who have something. Same story over and over again.

It was China wanting to become a world power leader thousands of years ago over what is now called Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to mention a few names.

The Europeans, killing and occupying their way to more land and resources.

The communist parties wanting to get the power over the people – creating wars and slaughter everyone standing in their way.

The USA coming in to fight for the installation of governments working in ‘their way’.

Landmarks changing with every victory for some and loss for others. Nature has no limits or countries. Nature is connected by land and by sea. Humanity creates the limits. Maybe it is time to listen to nature?

Activation from the Tor, Glastonbury, England

​Coming Closer to Full Circle

During our stay in Kampot in Cambodia, it became very clear to me the healing occurring on the planet right now in so many ways. It creates a lot of hope.

If we again look through history, we can see that Europeans went to the “new worlds” – occupying and killing their way to power and land. They/we wanted to bring “sense” and our ways to these savages teaching them our religion, our languages and “modern tools”.

Who are we to think our ways are better than theirs?

To come with a very practical example:

We brought in plastic and materials that do not dissolve in nature as the banana leaf plates and bamboo straws do. But we never taught them how to take care of the garbage. We didn’t take responsibility for our actions – in any way.

The consequences of that are horrifying today. More than 12,7 million tons of plastic is dumped in the oceans, each year. And that is minimum…

While travelling it becomes very clear that most people do not understand the consequences of dumping plastic everywhere. It does not dissolve! Beaches are covered with plastic. It breaks my heart. Mother Earth is crying….

In Europe and other Western countries the awareness of these consequences are becoming more and more common knowledge. We are aware of the climate changes coming from our actions. We are now starting to take care of the plastic. We recycle. We develop new environmental friendly and green alternatives to plastic. We clean oceans with new technology and so on and so forth.

Small steps for nature, but steps in right direction at least. 

So the good news are, that we are coming full circle in a way.

What do I mean by that?

In Kampot in Cambodia where all the expats have fled to from the Chinese invasion in Sihanoukville (which you can read more about here) there are so many projects going on to support the locals and nature. Organic farming, alternatives for plastic, supporting those who might have a hard time to get a job due to handicap etc.

What I could feel is that these types of projects, happening on global scales, from many westerners, heals a lot of what we destroyed centuries ago.

We are now starting to take responsibility for what our ancestors did.

And especially the millennials – young adults and children of today. They peacefully demonstrate and speak up for mother Earth, to save the planet.

The young generations are saving us.

Feminine Power in Lisbon, Portugal

​Women Rising

All over the world women are speaking up. Speaking up against abuse, sexual harassments, inequalities and war. Women are tired of being silent observers and cleaners of the mess some men create (very extremely polarized and prejudiced speaking here – of course not all, but you know what I mean…). Cleaning the blood of their men and children from wars no one understands the reason for, mourning their loved ones, and scarifying our needs for the wellbeing of others. Suppressing our power due to our need to be needed by our loved ones.

It is the rising of the feminine power, which has nothing to do with the female sex of the human. We all have feminine power.

What needs to be shifted is from which energy the power is expressed – feminine or masculine. And to be more specific, it is not even either or, it is both.

The integrated sacred union of the masculine and feminine power within us all.

It is also about merging the wisdom from our previous experiences with the new supportive energies on the planet.

Where nothing is as it used to be. Life does not work in the same way anymore. We cannot hold on to “This is how it always been”, longer.

Because, there is a new boss in town. Called higher consciousness – higher than ever before.

Therefore, we cannot hold on to past experiences, we now have the opportunity to CHOOSE and CLAIM what is true and real for us. We are new in every moment, if we choose to be so.

Nature guides us to what is most important

Nature is our best guide

Activation of the New Power for All

We need to work with power in a new way.

We need to look at the wellbeing of all.

To do that, we need to reactivate our true power coming from love. The nurturing feminine power that both men and women have.

When connected and merged within – the feminine and masculine – we can express our power differently – coming from love and compassion. Honoring all. Respecting all. No more need for war, no more need for power over someone or something. We are all worthy of a full life. To be living fully, to grow and thrive.

Time has come to create balance and connection between the masculine and feminine and with that comes a shift of power within.

The old way of the patriarch “power over” is dissolving to lead way to the more feminine balanced way of empowerment and co-creation. Where only win-win power is good enough. Where land is for all and not the few. Where abundance is for all, as our birthright.

With the help of a soul sister I connected with the Akashic record the other day. My intention was to understand:

“Why do I sacrifice myself and my own needs?”

The question coming from that I keep myself busy with others needs even if my soul long for something else. And this goes even if I am alone. I might even be so destructive to prioritize Netflix or a book instead of connecting with my higher self that my soul is longing for. How fucked up is that?! So why do I keep on doing that?

This is the message they gave me:

“Eve sacrificed herself and her happiness for her love to Adam and her children (My note: meaning as a metaphor for the energy – not necessary literally Eve and Adam). That is the pattern and program through out history of mankind.

Time has come to claim your power as women and put your power and love for others free. This without holding yourself back out of fear of being selfish or abusing your power.

That is now in alignment of humanity to shift our beliefs around what power really is. You are free to be powerful. You are free to be You.

Rewire and reactivate your DNA NOW!

Repeat after us:






What is your meaning with life?


This merging and shift of how we work with power – going from Power Over to Mutual Empowerment is what this journey in South East Asia is about.

How it will play out, only time will tell.

What we do know is that our planet and all its beings are crying for help. By healing the past, we can change the future. Are you with us?

Please share your insights, wisdom and questions in the comments below. Together we can make a difference!

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