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​Here you can find our own Transformational and Self-help books ​with stories of ​how we came to live our dream life and world schooling our children – authored or co-authored. Book publish latest at the top. Enjoy!

About Holy F*ck and Sacred Water

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything is bold, cocky, and politically and socially incorrect. It is divinely channeled and imprinted with sacred codes. This book will either have you say “F*ck YES!” or it will piss you off. Or maybe even both. This book is not for the common man or woman. It is for a new generation of brave, passionate, and curious beings who know they came to Earth to make a difference and are ready to take action. Now.

​A new era has arrived, and with that, more confusion and fear than ever before. This book reactivates a path of releasing the old so we can co-create a new, thriving future together. It contains very raw and vulnerable personal stories, scientific information, ancient wisdom, taboo topics, and “conspiracy” theories. This book can help you to understand the importance of purifying your own water and using your passionate fire to live your true potential.

​Holy F*ck and Sacred Water could be considered a theory of Everything. Life is a multidimensional journey to master empowerment, freedom, and flow in our everyday lives. We can master these by unifying our inner spark with sacred water. This then creates the magical life force within us or what we call “The Holy F*ck.”

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​About Famna Feminint Ledarskap

​Du kan köpa Famna Feminint Ledarskap genom att skicka en email till oss med namn och adress. Pris 250:- Skr + frakt. 

You can buy Famna Feminint Ledarskap by sending us an email with your name and address. Cost 250:- Skr + shipping. Book only in Swedish!

Swedish: Den här antologin har tagit sig an den stora uppgiften att sprida ljus och förståelse över begreppet ”feminint ledarskap”. Ett begrepp som ligger i tiden, som det talas om, som väcker hopp och provocerar, men som få vet vad det betyder och än mindre hur det kan användas praktiskt. Så varför inte ge ordet till ledarna själva?

I 16 kapitel berättar 17 kvinnliga ledare om sin personliga resa och insikt i feminint ledarskap. Vi är globala affärskvinnor, konstnärer, poeter, storföretagsledare, entreprenörer, designers, terapeuter och andliga ledare. Vi är spridda över hela Sverige och även internationellt. Vi har vandrat olika vägar, genom olika branscher, med olika drivkrafter och mål. Vi är i olika åldrar och på olika platser i livet. Vi har lärt på olika sätt och uttrycker oss på olika sätt. Men vi har alla anlänt till samma plats och vi är alla här för att tillsammans ge vidare denna facettslipade diamant till dig som läsare: förmågan att Famna Feminint Ledarskap.

English: The intention of this anthology is to shine light on the art of embracing feminine leadership. The idea is often bantered about, yet few have a clear sense of what it means, or of how to integrate it in their own lives, whether at home or in the workplace. This book shares insights garnered by 17 innovative women who have traveling varying  paths  as they sought to  discover and embrace feminine leadership in their lives.

 Amongst their number you will find business women, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, therapists, spiritual leaders, parents and poets. Of varying ages, with varying experiences, dreams and goals, they have gathered together to offer this many faceted diamond, shaped by their work, to any reader interested in embracing the path of feminine leadership for themselves.

 Susanas chapter is called “Vi är alla ledare”/”We are all Leaders” 

​About Goodness, Grace & Great Thoughts on Fire

Have you ever asked yourself: What life is about, who you are and how you can feel whole and free? 

Goodness, Grace & Great thoughts on Fire invites you to experience and expand into no more good or bad, positive and negative. All is good – for the highest good!

Susana Mei Silverhøj has taken on the task to flash her heart wide open and awaken you to loving yourself – as you are – by telling raw personal stories you most likely can relate to, to help you remember your uniqueness and embrace your light and shadows in all its shades.

The “feel-good menu” of 33 personal, brutally truthful and transformational stories, will help you pick and choose what gifts resonate with you on your journey – to create some more magic and awesomeness in your life.

Receive and embody the frequencies of:

– Empowerment to create a magical life

– Changing perceptions and beliefs to feel free, vibrant, and powerful

– Embodiment and alignment of body, mind, heart, and soul

– Inclusion and acceptance of your uniqueness, just as you are

– Love to embrace the 7 billion shades of you

​About From Money with Love

How is your relationship with money?

Does money flow freely and abundantly into your life?

If not, then this is the book for you.

My intention in writing this book is to activate, integrate, and embody prosperity and abundance consciousness into our reality by creating a new money grid on the planet for the well-being of all. The power of the From Money With Love letters comes from a large group of light workers and their collective intention to activate prosperity consciousness in the world. When people come together with intentions like these, they can change the world for the better.

Since the energies of lack and separation have dominated this planet for thousands of years, it is time to turn this around. If we reject any aspect of life, such as money, we cannot be whole. Oneness is wholeness, and it requires embracing all of us with no fear and no fixing. We only need to open and expand our love for all there is…​

Can you allow your inner lightworker millionaire, who came here to change the world for the better, to emerge in a bigger way? The opportunity is in your hands in this very moment…

​About Time to Rise

​Life has a way of holding us back. Regardless of our backgrounds, setbacks have the potential to prevent us from reaching our full potential. But they could do just the opposite. Whether our challenges are physical, mental or emotional, too many of us don’t realize that success cannot exist without failure. With the right mindset, all of us can get back up, dust ourselves off and keep pushing forward. You truly can heal your life.In Time to Rise, Dr. Andrea Pennington presents 29 inspiring stories of people from various backgrounds and cultures who didn’t let tragedy and defeat hold them back. They discovered that the ability to follow your heart, listen to your intuition and bounce back after stress can be strengthened. These stories cover events ranging from dealing with stress on the job and healing from divorce to mastering the Law of Attraction, overcoming eating disorders and healing from trauma. What these people all have in common is how they used these problems to transform their lives for the better. They prove that you can take control of your life.

Susanas Chapter in Time to Rise is called: “Mission Possible” and is about how we came to world/home/un school our children.

​About Flow Food

​Can you eat fun, delicious and healthy organic food – that doesn’t take forever to prepare, is too bland or expensive to make? YES! Flow Food – Easy Organic Food on a Budget is here to help you towards a healthier life without having to spend all your time, energy and money in the kitchen. 

Do you want it handed to you? You’ll get suggestions of grocery lists and dinner plans for four weeks, with flexible and balanced everyday dinners and weekend dishes with inspiration from around the globe. You’ll also get sections with desserts, baked goods, spreads and smoothies, along with tips and knowledge about health, organic foods, sustainability and hygiene.

So what is Flow Food? It is: organic, sustainable, whole, vegetarian/vegan based, easy, healthy, conscious, balanced, high frequency, alkaline, rainbow-colored, something raw, sugar- and GMO free food. Food that creates more flow and harmony in your body.

​This Flow Food book has been created in collaboration with students from Nutrition and Health University Collage in Copenhagen. It is more than a cookbook – it is a Flow Food lifestyle  – made for people like you, who want a healthier, holistic and simpler life- every day.

Right now this book is only in Danish – english version to be published.

​About No Mistakes

They say everything happens for a reason, but when we’re in the midst of difficult times, that age-old saying can be difficult to believe…

That’s where this book comes in: it offers proof!

No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance features thirty inspiring personal stories, each contributed by a different author, that show how some of their darkest moments ultimately led to their greatest blessings, illustrating that synchronicities and miracles can be found even in the most heartbreaking situations.

NO MISTAKES offers readers a chance to look beyond the mentality of “why is this happening to me?” and instead invites readers to ask themselves “how does this situation serve my higher good?”   

Susanas Chapter in No Mistakes is called: “Heartache is the Greatest Gift” ​and is about her experience of the gift of miscarriage. ​​​

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