One of the main challenges for us when we travel is to how to communicate the deeper understanding and experiences we have on our journeys.

Another aspect of that communication is to be brave enough to say it out loud to the world.

The most sacred about who I am – am I courageous enough to speak it out loud?

It is so easy to go to science and facts – feeding our left hemisphere of the brain.

It is safer.

We do not have to be personal.

We don’t have to be vulnerable and a target for judgments.

See, say, hear peace and love

​Are you Brave Enough?

When it comes to our beliefs – religious or not – saying it out loud –

 “I believe in GOD/higher consciousness” or whatever we want to call it and

 “I trust that the universe and my spiritual guides from different planets and dimensions are guiding me to live my full potential and make a difference in the world”

Well, not so easy…

Heck, I do not believe it myself at times. Because, we grew up in a world and time where it is not ok to believe in our powers and in other realities in most cultures.

Time is changing and we need to stand up and speak our truth, no matter what that truth is. Not to change other peoples opinions or beliefs or truths – but to take ownership of our lives and our realities.

We travel around the world with our kids, and in a 3 D reality they get to experience the world instead of reading aboutit, as they are “world schooled”. And we get to have fun and see the world as a family.

That is safe enough to write about even if we are judged by many for screwing up our kids. 😉 Fear speaks for many when people do something that is out of the ordinary and “normal”.

But from higher perspectives it is so much more than travelling around the world as a family.

Now, it is time to communicate what we really are doing when we travel from a multidimensional level. It doesn’t mean we will not write practical tips and where to go stuff too – but there will come more of the spaced out stuff too.

So, to let you in on some weird stuff – this is what is going on behind the curtains…

Energy work with Stargate 3

Sunset Activation on Bahamas 2015

​Energy Work

Over the last few years, since 2012, we have been guided to travel to places and do energy work. We have activated grids, cleared, healed and been activated and transformed ourselves in the process.

But, how do you put words to energies and activations that happen in a multidimensional reality? Especially without sounding absolutely crazy…

For us, travelling is so much more than to go places to see and experience things. For us, travelling is about activating, being activated, clearing, healing, doing grid work, opening our perceptions and limited beliefs into a more loving, compassionate and conscious reality on the planet.

In other words, for us travelling is all about making a difference in the world by being the multidimensional beings that we are.

And the reason we started with Conscious Travel Family is to share our multidimensional reality with you and hopefully inspire you to live your life to the fullest, by being you. It might not even include travelling.

It is never about what you do, it is aboutwhy you do it.

What your intentions are with the actions you take.

In every moment, every day, in your everyday life.

So what is your WHY?

Why do you do what you do?

And is it in alignment with your higher purpose? Or are you still holding on to that which no longer serves you?

Time has come for you to change even more!

Energy work on Stargate 3

Altar in hotel – Bahamas 2015

What is your Truth about us?​​​​

Some of you might be inspired by our free lifestyle travelling the world.

Some of you might be inspired by the way we world school our children.

Some of you might dream of doing the same.

Others are doing it already and might be inspired to go to new places you have not been before.

Some of you might be horrified by the life we live and are convinced we are ruining the lives of our children by not having them in traditional school.

Some might think we are irresponsible parents and citizens.

Maybe we are.

It all comes down to perspective and what your truth is, doesn’t it?

And a huge part of you following us are here to make a difference in the world, doing energy work – healing or light work – doesn’t matter what we call it right?

We all came here to make a difference in the world in our unique way.

Our way doesn’t have to be your way. Because there is only one of you and only one of me.

Question is – do you follow your path?

Or do you resist it?

Nature guides us to what is most important

Nature is our best guide

How we have chosen to make a difference in the world at this point

At Conscious Travel Family our mission is to inspire you to live your life to the fullest – a meaningful, holistic and passionate life – making a difference in the world by being you.

We do that by sharing stories from our Conscious Travel Experiences and Everyday life as a Heart-centered Family of 5 – living our dream of contributing to the world through Healthy choices, Greener living and Energy work.

We love soulful journeys and to visit sacred sites and historical locations to reactivate and raise the frequencies on the planet. Whatever we can do to support the world to transform and thrive – we are in!

Since 2014, we have been guided to travel and work on Stargate 3 in the Bermuda Triangel, Stargate 11 in southern Englands old Avalon and Stargate 12 in southern France. We have also worked with the energies in Southern Europe at several places, Northern Sweden, Denmark, Paris, Costa Rica, several places in US, India and now South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia).

That is too much to cover in this post, but if you are interested in knowing more, please comment below and ask questions of what you want to know more about and we will post something about it.

What is your why?

Our Unique Journey

We are a goofy family of 5 – Susana, Oliver, and kids Ellice (born 2004), Theo (born 2006) and Hugo (born 2010) – who is a funny mix of modern spiritual beings and science nerds who love to travel, do energy work to reactivate ourselves and the planet, while living the life we always dreamt of. We are all about making a difference in the world through reactivating our full potentials being joyful, empowered and free.

We have our base in Denmark and travel with flow – everything from short daytrips to yearlong expat living.

We never know where to go, when to go or even why.

We get the information from the “higher counsel on 9th” on need-to-know basis. What I, Susana, have learned over the years is to trust when the information and knowing comes, to recognize where it comes from (as in how to discern from that energy from 9th and my mind/ego playing a trick), and then take the actions we are guided to take, no questions asked. And Oliver trusts me. Sometimes I get so frustrated of the “not knowing” that they will provide me with some info just to keep my ego and mind satisfied… 😉 

We do our best to help our 3 children to grow up free, compassionate, happy and empowered. World schooling and working from our laptops with what we love supports that.

We want to let our children grow up experiencing the world instead of reading about it. The world is changing and so are we, so we may adjust the way we learn and live too.

We work with my formula that I call Life Intelligence – to break the limiting boxes and instead create abundant, empowered and healthy ways to learn and live.

Life Intelligence is the ability to experience, think and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us – in a conscious and holistic way.

We are experiencing and sharing different perspectives with you, while we are travelling the world – eco living, cultures, nature, history, healthy foods, art, energy work etc. as well as flow and balance in body, mind, heart and soul through time and space. We aim to live a life intelligent life – in flow and abundance, learning in a new way…

That is our journey.

Claim your TRUTH

All posts at Conscious Travel Family are coming from our own personal believes, experiences and points of views. Even if we might have some statements that are coming from others opinions and research – which is not necessarily always is in alignment with our personal truths – there is always a point to why we write it. We are not trying to put our views as universal truths in any way.

Quite the opposite.

They are shared to inspire you to find your own truth, perceptions and empowerment.

We are multidimensional and holistic in our way of looking at things, which might not be the common way of seeing things.

We often show our children several perspectives of things so they can make up their own truth about it. So for instance, in a deep question such as:

“Where do we come from?”

We have taught our children what the bible say about our creation, about big bang, the Sumerian, Native American, Nordic Pagan creation stories etc.

We do not tell them: “This is the way it is” – because in truth – do we really know?

If there is a universal truth about where we come from, wouldn’t we all agree upon what that is? Or rather, of course there is a universal truth, but will we ever be able to put words to it with our limited minds?

If we look at the different creation stories we will see that there are a lot of common themes – such as about a higher intelligence/power/consciousness. Described in different ways, with different words and stories, depending on where the story was told, in what time and culture, right?

Part of our human experience is that we have to try to make sense of the world from where we are at. And as human beings, how can we put words to the infinite powers at play? That is why we have creation STORIES. They are stories with the attempt to explain the unexplainable.

Therefore, Follow your Truth.

Gate of Life at Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes France

Gate of Life at Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes France


We do not give medical advice, or any kind of advice that goes against your belief system. What we state is not to take it as “the TRUTH”.

Do not put energy into things that make you upset. Read things that resonates with you and your truth instead. Allow yourself to be inspired and expand your truth when that feels right. For the wellbeing of all.

We are not interested in changing your mind.

As we see it, we all create our own reality.

We are very happy with ours.

Are you happy with yours?

Please share your truths with us.

Namaste. Enjoy life in joy!

About Author

We are a goofy family of 5 – Susana, Oliver, and kids Ellice (born 2004), Theo (born 2006) and Hugo (born 2010) - who is a funny mix of modern spiritual beings and science nerds who love to travel, do energy work to reactivate ourselves and the planet, while living the life we always dreamt of.

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