​This is Susanas chapter in the book Time to Rise by Andrea Pennington. Susanas chapter is called: “Mission Possible“.

Sanna, the time has come. You are ready for your mission.

I have always been a seeker. I’ve always known that I am on a BIG mission. That I am here to make a difference in the world. My mother often told me not to dream so big, because I would get disappointed when I wouldn’t achieve it. I always told her, even as a child:

I’d rather dream big and reach halfway, than to never go anywhere”.

Although, one of my biggest frustrations in life has been that I didn’t know what that mission was. So I kept on searching around the world, education, relationships and within. I acted on my visions, intuition and inner knowing, even if I never understood where it would lead me.

​Blessing of a Child

I never liked kids. I could never see myself working with children. But, my heart always wanted to work for them. My heart would ache when children suffered or were hurt. Then, why did I want children of my own? For me, it was a knowing. I knew I was going have three, four children. It was never a matter of choice or something to question. It was a knowing from my heart.

I even knew the moment I was going to be pregnant. On 4th of July 2003, my inner guidance yelled in my ear: “It is Now, if you want to get pregnant”. Here I was, on the couch reading a good book about war and adventure and you want me to have sex, here and now? No, I don’t want to get pregnant now! I could hear my heart beating hard and fast. I could smell the sweat from my body. I hardly ever sweat! Huge waves of fear arose. I wasn’t sure I was ready at all. I thought I would finish my Master’s degree in developmental psychology first. “I don’t have time for this! Damn you voice!”

I heard myself call out for my husband.

The moment our daughter arrived, I knew life would never be the same again.

Roller coaster ride at Bakken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Roller Coaster ups and downs​ years

Years came and went. I kept searching, trying to find out, why am I here? What is my mission? We had a second child, and I became deeply depressed. I lost all faith and willingness to live. My children were the only reason I stayed. I don’t remember much from those years. Slowly I started to rise from the darkness. Then I had a miscarriage. Another dive into darkness. We had a third child. Oh, such joy. But, that pregnancy also activated fibromyalgia. I was in constant pain 24/7 for over a year. I woke up every morning crying. I felt as such a failure for some reason. 

Our son was in first grade, when I was in chronic pain from fibromyalgia. Our children were all at a private Waldorf school or daycare since their pedagogical values were aligned with ours. Or so we thought. With over thirty children in one class there was too much stimulation and he started to act out. We didn’t understand what was happening to our happy, loving boy, but I knew intuitively that his openness and sensitivity made him susceptible to everyone’s energies and to their blocked and suppressed emotions. We went to a holistic practitioner, recommended by the school, who told us that it was a physical imbalance between his heart and lungs; from complications he had at birth. We were relieved. I felt I could breathe again. He would take some homeopathic medicine to support and balance his body and be fine.

A few days later, at a meeting with his teacher, we tried to explain the doctor’s diagnosis. She interrupted us and asked; “Do you hit your children, because there has to be a reason why he is acting this way?” We were stunned. I tried to hold back my tears, but they kept blurring my sight. How could we ever find a solution of how to support our son and change this behavior if his own teacher saw him and us as the problem? The only explanation she could think of is that we abuse our children? And the school backed up her point of view. We felt so powerless and helpless. It confirmed the doubtful inner voice that says we are bad parents. Not good enough.

Sunset at hotel La Diosa, Cahuita Costa Rica

​Miracle of Costa Rica

Later that same week a miracle happened. We were offered a dream job, running a hotel in Costa Rica. It had been one of my visions and dreams for over twenty years. Finally it felt like the universe was working with us. Everything was leading up to this. It started to make sense why this happened at school. There was a lot of resistance, from family and our daughter, to so abruptly change our life. We didn’t have a lot of money make the move, didn’t speak Spanish very well, and had no school yet for the kids. But we had to follow our hearts. Everything magically fell into place.

We immediately found a school in Costa Rica, but quickly removed them again, since it had very harsh old fashioned pedagogic. Instead, we found a sweet private teacher to teach them Spanish. And I found my teacher, mentor and friend Tup. He helped me turn my life around and become whole again. My fibromyalgia symptoms decreased the more whole I became. The more I understood who I am, why I am here, my history, ancestry legacy and soul’s journey, the more worthy and “me” I felt. I stopped wanting to leave this planet and feeling like an alien who doesn’t belong here. I started to enjoy life. I felt peace. I started to trust the universe and its ironic humor. I started to observe and love life. I could see the meaning and gifts in everything.

At one point I felt ready to move back to Denmark. I started to homeschool my children to prepare them for the Danish school system again. We struggled. They were not happy to have mom as their teacher. But we did it. After many tears of frustrations we went back. Confident that now life would be amazing.

Boys dressed out for Halloween

​Home Schooling

Instead, coming back was a shock for all of us. The dense energy in the northern countries, the stress of perfectionism; the impossible task to live up to everything society tell us to do and not to do. I calculated how many hours we would need to do everything society mean you “should do” such as; clean, cook, work full time, exercise, sleep, have a social life, nurture your children, and partner, and have hobbies. Turns out we need eleven days a week. In that calculation there is no time for self-nurturing at all. That was the life we came back to.

At least our sons were happy. Our oldest son started a new school with a very small class with only ten students and quickly made friends. Our daughter, on the other hand, struggled. It was difficult to get back into her old class, who had formed new dynamics while she was away. After many attempts to fit into and obey the schools requests, we declared ourselves once again defeated. The school had made up their minds that there was something wrong with our family and we could never convince them of anything else. We once again took the oldest and youngest children out of school.

Kids are our best teachers

​World Schooling

A longing of letting our children experience the world instead of reading about it became stronger. I came up with the “Flow Schooling” concept – a holistic education for a new generation. Flow Schooling is all about supporting our children to create conscious, empowered and healthy ways to learn and live. We wanted our children to experience different perspectives, while travelling the world – a holistic way where they experience and understand a sustainable eco living, cultures, nature, religion, history, geography, languages, art etc., but also flow and balance in body, mind, heart and soul. We left Denmark and traveled through southern Europe for fourteen weeks, exploring how they can learn by experiencing these different perspectives. Our oldest son’s school supported us and his teacher even said:

All children should have that opportunity”.

We were all excited and happy. This was life! The kids loved travelling and learn to speak German by playing with some German kids, instead of struggling with books at school. There were less fights and conflicts. We all blossomed and became closer as a family.

Silverhøj kids Sailing a Gondola in Venice Italy

​ How do Society often see children?

Returning home again, my husband and I wanted to keep this new lifestyle. We loved the freedom. The main challenge was that our daughter wanted to return to school. How could we force our children to live a life they didn´t want? As a mother I want my children to be seen, loved, and respected for who they are. I want them to also have a voice.

Then the final battle with the school system came as a harsh but yet divine answer to our ambivalence. After three weeks at school, our son had, once again, started to act out. In the new semester they had merged two classes together so now they were almost twenty students. That was too much energy for him to hold. Our son was heart broken. He didn’t want to act like that. He felt powerless, and no one wanted to listen to him. The principle said:

“It is my job to protect the teachers from the students”.


The principle even threatened us by saying that if our son ever did it again, he wouldn’t be welcomed at the school. How can you put such responsibility on an 11 year old? How could we as parents guarantee that from home? That was the final straw. We took him out.

That night, I was crying. Crying for my son. His sadness and desperation. Crying for how “wrong” and upside down the world feels. What happened to our responsibilities as adults to protect children? To support and help them to be the best version they can be?

​Enough is Enough!

That same night the avatar Sri Bhagavan appeared in a vision. He said:

Sanna, the time has come. You are ready for your mission. You have been tested and trained your whole life. You passed your tests. Now you are going to bark on the journey towards your mission. It is time to rise. You are going to create a new Global Holistic School System. Just follow my guidance. Act when you are guided to. You don’t have to understand how and where you are going. Just trust. We will bring you there.

Looking back now, it all makes sense. Why I ended up with two master’s degrees, one in Developmental Psychology and one in Education. Why I always wanted to work for children, why I wanted children. My mission is so big that I cannot even try to grasp how it can be manifested. So I have to trust and be guided. Let go and let God. My family believes in me. That makes it easier to take on this mission. But when our world is filled with fear, disasters, wars, and crime, how could I not? How can I leave this world knowing I didn’t do everything I could to create a better world for my children and the generations to come?

There is a new generation of children on the planet. Children, who see the world differently than we did back in the days. Children, that are often stressed and seen as different and even not “normal.” Children, who have more developed brains than many adults, and who have more activated DNA. Some children are called “smarter,” others are called “with special needs.” Some are called indigo, star or crystal children. These children’s main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution, and reveal to us our inner power and divinity. They are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their collective purpose is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. Crystal Children are more often blissful and even-tempered. The star children know that all life on Earth is sacred and should be honored. They have all come with a specific mission in their hearts—one of rebuilding the Earth with compassion, honesty and unity. We incorrectly label these children as wrong. We might even give them an “alphabet” diagnosis—ADHD, ADD, Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar, Explosive, Hyperactive, Sensitive…

There is nothing wrong with these children! What if it is the system that is not fitted for a new generation of children? What if we try to put them into a box that they are too big for? The school system is not equipped to teach the children who are outside of the “norm.” Subsequently, they are under-stimulated or over-stimulated, medicated, ostracized, and everything in between. Preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, and parents are told to work on integrating the children into a school system. How can three year olds prepare for school—to sit quietly, listen deeply, and nod at all the right times? How can they learn to read, write, and count before they can walk? This is what I want to change. I want us to see the new generation – our children –, as equals and even as our teachers. To see the perfection and potentials in them.

We need to break free from the old systems and paradigm that no longer serves us. We have to start from scratch. We must create a foundation where children thrive and can save the planet where we have failed. Create peace on earth. Children are not born racists, evil or bad. That is taught.

​My Mission of a new school system

My mission is to create a whole new school system where the children’s needs and perspectives are in focus, so learning becomes fun and a passion. Where students are inspired to co-create a new world where we live in peace and harmony together at all levels. Learning doesn’t have to be divided, hard and boring. What if we let them learn when they wanted, what they wanted, how they learn, and trust and support them in their exploration of the world? I am not suggesting leaving the children totally in charge, of course, but to create a framework where they can have a say in their learning and have time to be children too.

The world is changing and so are we, so we may adjust the way we learn and live too. To work with a life intelligent educational system – to remove the boxes – and instead create conscious, empowered and healthy ways to learn and live. By using a Life Intelligent framework, children can learn different perspectives and experience flow and balance in body, mind, heart and soul. Maybe then we have a chance to create a world where we all thrive and blossom.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”

 – Neil Postman


Join me on my quest to co-create a new Global Life Intelligent School System. Together, we can change the world!

If you are interested in more stories from the book Time to Rise you can get it here.

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