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Interesting facts and stories about Vietnam – its culture and war

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to meet some extraordinary people. We met an amazing Vietnamese man - who not only is well educated about his country and its culture - but also has some unique experiences and stories to tell about the Vietnam war. That is one of our favorite things about Conscious Travelling. You will learn about the world through unique and personal stories from those who live it. You can rarely read about these stories. But now, here is one Vietnamese mans wisdom and some other interesting things we found while travelling in Southern Vietnam in 2019. 

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What is wrong with the traditional education system?

​This is Susanas chapter in the book Time to Rise by Andrea Pennington. Susanas chapter is called: "Mission Possible".

Sanna, the time has come. You are ready for your mission.

I have always been a seeker. I’ve always known that I am on a BIG mission. That I am here to make a difference in the world. My mother often told me not to dream so big, because I would get disappointed when I wouldn’t achieve it. I always told her, even as a child:

I’d rather dream big and reach halfway, than to never go anywhere”.

Although, one of my biggest frustrations in life has been that I didn’t know what that mission was. So I kept on searching around the world, education, relationships and within. I acted on my visions, intuition and inner knowing, even if I never understood where it would lead me.

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